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2020 NORCO Prep Player Registration


Welcome to the 2020 NORCO Prep Player Registration

Tryouts will be held on Sunday, October 13th from 2:00-5:00 pm at the NORCO Facility. Click "continue" at the bottom of the page to register!



We offer the highest standards of coaching and training to all players regardless of their age, abilities, competitiveness and financial status. Our Prep League coaches are nationally recognized and many of them have played and/or coached at the collegiate level.


Practice Thursday Evenings: October 24th - February 6th

This is the perfect opportunity for someone who loves to play volleyball but cannot make the full commitment of club. Prep Athletes receive the same quality training as club members without the demanding practice and travel schedule.


Saturday Tournament Dates: December 14th, January 11th, and February 8th

Prep Teams compete locally in three tournaments held at the NORCO Facility. After several weeks of training, athletes are challenged to apply their skills in game situations. 



This registration is REQUIRED for anyone interested in participating on a NORCO 2020 Prep Team. (*If you recently registered under the "2020 NORCO Core Player Registration" for a Club Team, you DO NOT need to register again for the Prep Teams. Simply send an email to or call the office at (970)667-5005)

For the 2020 Season, we are offering teams for 12 & under, 13s, 14s, 15s, 16s and 17s age groups. *The actual number of teams formed may be increased or decreased at any age groups based upon the number of participants who attend, talent and skill level.

Our Prep Teams will practice one night per week beginning in October and going through mid-February for a total of 14 practices.  The teams will play in 3 tournaments. All Prep practices will be held at our  NORCO Volleyball Facility.

Should a player accept her offer to participate on a 2020 NORCO Prep Team the remaining balance ($500) will need to be paid in equal amounts over either a 1 or 2 month period with the final payment due on January 1, 2020. Payment Plan agreements will need to be completed with NORCO Administrative Staff by November 1st, 2019.

**There will be NO REFUNDS once a registration has been processed.**

NOTE: Tryouts are CLOSED to all except Players and our Coaches - Please allow your Player the space and time to be a part of the tryout process

***If you inadvertently registered for the 2020 NORCO CORE Player Registration (Core Team Tryouts), you do NOT need to re-register for a Prep Team. Please call the office at (970)667-5005 if you would like to attend the 2020 Prep Team Tryouts on Sunday, October 13th and we will add your name to the list of attendees.***

Players who register online and, for any reason, do not attend their respective tryout will not receive a refund. A $400 Player Membership Deposit Check will be required upon check-in at Tryouts.  Once the player accepts their offer, the deposit check will be applied towards the total membership fees.



After completing your online 2020 NORCO Prep Player Registration you will need to print and bring the following documents with you to your tryout:

  1. Copy of your emailed receipt from NGIN verifying your 2020 NORCO Prep Player Registration
  2. $400 Player Membership Deposit in the form of a check or cash only. (Once player agrees to join the team, whether verbally or in writing, the Membership Deposit Payment check/cash will be deposited and applied towards player's 2020 membership fees.  If a player declines her team offer, check will be destroyed, but not returned.) 
  3. Copy of birth certificate or passport or driver's license verifying player's age. (If a NORCO player in 2019 this is not required)

**No Player will be allowed to participate in Tryouts if any of the above paperwork is missing or not fully completed and signed in all areas. Please review everything carefully before arriving at check-in.

How do I know what age I am eligible to play for?

USA Volleyball sets the standards of age - please see the table for the 2019-2020 Age Definitions. These standards are used as guidelines for the NORCO Prep Program. Tryouts consist of player evaluation and then players are placed on teams based on skill level first, then age.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Krista Schwartz

Krista Schwartz

Phone: 970-667-5005